School is back in session today for many East Texas students. The class of 2023 at Diboll ISD got an escort to school by the city police and fire department.

The City of Diboll is showing its support for the students and going the extra mile to make sure their first day goes smoothly. Sirens blared as a line of vehicles made their way to the first day of classes.

Diboll ISD Provides Free Breakfast And Lunches To All Students

Diboll ISD Child Nutrition Services has recently announced that breakfast and lunches will be free for all students for the 2022 - 2023 school year. This is a step in the right direction and hopefully will spread to even more districts.

It's hard to think that some kids are excited about going back to school today, so they can finally get a good meal. Students must have money on their account to purchase a la carte items

Recently the T.L.L. Temple library had a back-to-school block party. There were free waterslides, giveaways, and food trucks until 8 pm on Friday, August 5th, 2022

Upgrades To Diboll's Old Orchard Park Over The Summer

The Splash pad at Old Orchard park opened over the summer and will continue to provide some relief from what has turned out to be a very hot summer. The park now has free wifi there and could turn into a hot spot for finishing up homework outdoors.

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Diboll is also hiring police officers and is touted as a great place to be a part of a growing community-oriented police department in an expanding city.

New Café Opens In Diboll, Texas

M & J's Cafe is the new coffee spot in Diboll. Soon they will be serving more than just drinks and pastries.

Diboll, Texas House For Sale With Two Barns And A Waterslide

This custom three-story home in Diboll has two huge barns and a pool with a slide.

A Masterpiece With A Twist In Alto, Texas

Looking from the outside you would never know that there is a second story above the garage with a large usable space.

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