A new type of store has moved into where Hastings used to be in Nacogdoches on North Street.  Dirt Cheap is a chain of stores that offers name brands and low prices. Seems like they are the place to get the deals. They purchase overstocks, liquidations, closeouts, just about anything really. They get them straight from the source, Manufactures and major retailers. Seems like you never know what they are going to have there. They get new stuff and discount stuff deeper every week. American Picker style they say when you see it is the time to buy it at Dirt Cheap. This is their 89th location.

So if you are into name brands and getting things...uh dirt cheap, they are the place to go. That building was huge, 27,000 square feet? I am glad that something went in there, especially like this established chain.

They are having their grand opening tomorrow. I will be there from 11am -1pm with the K-Fox SUV and Sean will be cooking those amazing Massingills Hamburgers for everyone. So lunch is on me tomorrow Nacogodoches. You can sign up for deal notifications at ilovedirtcheap.com.

Dirt Cheap Via Facebook
Dirt Cheap Via Facebook

They have a very up to date facebook page and have an app. I think it will be interesting to see the place, so come and have lunch. I just started looking at the pictures on the facebook page. I might be buying something.

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