Tuesday evening on March 19, 2024 Lufkin shoppers of the Dollar General in the Chestnut Village Shopping Center were greeted with this sign. The store was indeed closed, and customers took this contributed photo.

S Brianna E/Shea D/Facebook/canva
S Brianna E/Shea D/Facebook/canva

According to comments on the original post, the manager said the employee who posted the sign was recently written up. That led some to believe they were the only employee in the store at the time it was closed.

The store has since been reopened.

Similar Sign Found At Dollar General Wisconsin

On March 12, 2024 in Mineral Point, Wisconsin a similar sign was posted in a Dollar General Store when the staff on duty left, along with the General Manager.

It read "The Store Is CLOSED, The whole team has walked away due to a lack of appreciation, being overworked, and being underpaid." This might have been where the employee in Lufkin got the idea.

1,000 Dollar Tree and Family Dollar Stores Set To Close

There has been a lot of news recently about dollar stores and their struggles with staffing and theft...Click Here To Read More.

According to Fox Business Dollar Tree, the parent company of Family Dollar is saying they will close 1,000 underperforming stores in the next few years.

They have over 16,000 stores, so they will still be a major force in the retail industry.

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Dollar General hasn't released any plans to close stores, but they are removing select self-checkout machines to reduce theft.  Self-checkout will remain an option with supervision during high-volume times at select locations.

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