Dad jokes abound all over facebook about the solar eclipse.

How does the man on the moon get his haircut?  Eclipse it!

I was so worried about the Eclipse, and where the sun would go, I was up all night, then it dawned on me.

That ain't the moon in front of the sun, it's just a cloud of lovebugs


Alderaan thought they were just seeing an eclipse too......

The Dinosaurs thought it was just going to be a short eclipse.....


The Moon just Photo Bombed the Sun.

The real story of the solar eclipse in East Texas, was everyone just posting some silly meme's and gags. Lots of pictures of Mitsubishi Eclipses totaled. We didn't get the full totality here, so everyone just kinda made fun of it. Especially when the clouds got in the way.

"My view of totality"


I did manage to see the event, using some glasses Paula our Sales Manager brought to the station. We really did get a nice partial eclipse. I thought it was very cool, and quite interesting. But at 8am when I was greeted by a flurry of videos of not so nice things, obscuring the view of the sun, I knew it was on. Pictures of everyone with welder hats on, actually a good idea to take a peak at the sun. Some people were just snapping pictures with their smartphone, jokes on them, it could burn out the sensor in your camera that adjusts for light.

Just as a reminder, don't ever look directly at the sun, not just today. Share your eclipse jokes here on facebook!


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