We got a real life weight loss success story in the studio. Is this the "Thinspiration" you'll need to get started on your own personal journey to being fit and healthy?

It's the beginning of the new year and it's nearly impossible to get through these days without thinking about diets or exercise regiments. Getting healthy is always on my New Years irresolution lists. But if you think normal people like you can't do it, we have just the guy to prove you wrong.

We got a hold of East Texas' own Eric Manis who has used the power of social media to keep himself accountable for the last two years in order to lose 125 lbs in all. This strategy might just work for you! It will certainly inspire your journey to losing weight and feeling better in 2017.

I got to talk to Eric on air today, and here we have an extended cut of the interview. Check it out for yourself.

Eric is a great guy, and you may remember him from our Donut Shop Investigation.

Last year, we talked to Gloria McDonald who has a few extra tips to keep a little flavor in the mix. It looks like an incredibly tough challenge and we commend anyone for putting in the hard work.



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