The Ellen Trout Zoo - Zoo Boo was one for the ages this past Friday and Saturday night. I was there for all the candy, the costumes, and of course all the animals after dark.

There were many more people in attendance Saturday, and I saw just as many parents in costume as I did children. Everyone seemed to have a great time test-driving their costumes before the big day on October 31st, 2022.

Some of the kids in attendance brought the heat to the costume contest. There were so many contestants and the competition was fierce.

Winner's Names From The Saturday 2022 Zoo Boo Costume Contest In Lufkin

There were two age divisions divided into 4 categories, and the judges had the task of finding the best of the best. Here are the winners from the Saturday night event.

Ages 0-4

  • Creative - Tractor - Samuel Corbett
  • Cute - Spider - Zac Fawvor
  • Funny - Alfalfa - Greyson Marquez
  • Scary - Chucky - Nash Luna

Ages 5 -10

  • Creative - Peacock - Ella Putman
  • Cute - Winniefred - Presley O'Quinn
  • Funny - Demogorgon - Audrey Luna
  • Scary - Bloody Mary - Bindie Coats

The judges had to think about the 5 - 10 age division for quite a while. Sometimes the performance clinched the win for some of the kids.

When Audrey Luna sprinted across the judging area in her Demogorgon body suit from Stranger Things she really sold it. She ran faster on all fours than some people do on two legs.

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If you are interested in the Friday event I did manage to get a few of the winners' names. In the Friday competition for the 5 to 10 year-olds Garrison won the cutest as Mac & Cheese, creative was Jacob as a Game Warden, and the funniest was Penelope as a Sumo Wrestler.

Here are some photos from the Saturday Night Ellen Trout Zoo Boo for 2022.

Ellen Trout Zoo - Zoo Boo 2022 Saturday Photos

The last night of the Ellen Trout Zoo was well attend and even bigger than the Friday night event.

Zoo Boo 2022 Photos From Ellen Trout Zoo

Friday October 21,2022 was the first night of the Zoo Boo. Take a look at some of the pictures from the event.

Zoo Boo - A Look Back At The Ellen Trout Zoo in Lufkin, Texas

See if you can find a younger version of yourself at the Zoo Boo in these photos.

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