From time to time our kids ask us those questions that make us pause and really think before we formulate an answer for them!

In this case, Kellie Rasberry was taken aback when her 12 year old daughter, Emma Kelly, asked her a question referring to the legal age in which a boy and girl can date. This question caught Kellie off guard because she was driving and told her no, she couldn't date an 18 year old or even 15 year old!

That conversation set the stage for KiddNation to call in share with the rest of the nation a strange question your kid posed to you. One kid asked 'how much it cost to get out of jail', 'what the legal age it is to move out of the house', 'is his grandfather was a horse because his horse's heart gave out' and more great questions in the following best of audio clips from The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.

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