Huge parts of the world are experiencing Facebook outages, including us here in Deep East Texas. You can log on, but you can't comment. I can see posts, but can't enter my witty replies. What is a boy to do. In a world, cut off from constant interaction from friends, frenemies, and family.

Get to work! That's right, I think businesses across the country will experience an uptick in tasks accomplished. But what if your job is posting stories on facebook. I think with the recent time change we could all use a break. What if facebook being down, could be chalked up to a snow day.

I find myself clicking on it, again and again. Like a research animal, looking for that one good story. That one thing that I could write about here to tell you about, and nothing his showing up. Then there was a glimmer of hope. It was all back, it could all be back now as you read this. But alas, I could not comment.

I think it is a time for us to pause and really think about the hold that all social media has on us. Think of the rewards that you have gotten. I can't think of very many. We all keep going back, busy looking into others lives, and connection. I am glad it's down. I think if it just went away we would all be just fine.


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