Looking for something to do in Nacogdoches this weekend?

I have dreams of heading to a flea market and getting amazing deals. Then I think that I have so much stuff, I should just start my own booth and sell it all.  Flea Market Fabulous - Nac Trade Days starts tomorrow at 8am and goes to till Sunday at 5pm.

You can search 9 acres of flea market and just see what you can find. You can even have lunch, as you are filling up your truck with all of your flea market finds. I would love to get a bunch of friends together, drive up to the market and see what is out there. You never know what you are going to find. It's of course going to be a little hot outside, but there are lots of tents to stay cool under. Make sure you go early to find the best deals.

If you can't go this weekend just remember they are open open every 3rd Saturday of each month, year round, rain or shine. Flea Market FabulousNac is an outdoor market, that sits on shaded acres in the oldest town in Texas. You will find them on Northwest Loop 224.

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