It's a beautiful day out today, and I think I am going to take an excursion to Real Graphics and their new location downtown and enjoy a snow-cone. I mean ... they offered and all.

We have done many projects with the staff of Real Graphics, and they are a pleasure to work with. They even did the design and execution on the new K-Fox SUV vehicle wrap, and I think it's perfect.

Real Graphics Via Facebook
Real Graphics Via Facebook

So since they offered, lets all take a second do enjoy this beautiful day Wed May 24th, and go have a free snow-cone. They will be serving from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm outside their office at 417 E. Lufkin Ave.

The Hawaiian Shaved Ice Sno-Cones are provided by the Shiver Shack. So if you have a sweet tooth, and are a customer of Real Graphics, or have thought about being a customer, or really just want a snow-cone, this is the perfect opportunity to see what they are all about.

I haven't had a chance to stop in since they moved to their new location, so I think this would be a great time to do so. Hope it warms up a little bit outside, brain freeze all around!




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