Have you ever looked out the window on a sunny summer day and thought it was a bit hazy outside? I have and upon closer inspection noticed it was a swarm of midges, not mosquitoes.

I remember a friend talking about the good old days in South East Texas riding bikes. They would follow behind mosquito trucks with jets that sprayed clouds of mosquito killer, and they would ride in their wake.

Pedaling fast and breathing hard, just trying to keep up with the truck as it sprayed. I am sure that wasn't the best idea, but kids will be kids and the trucks are actually spraying a minimal amount of insecticide.

Sign Up To Have Mosquitos Sprayed Inside The Lufkin City Limits

Mosquito bites are at their best painful and itchy. At their worst they can spread viruses like Zika or West Nile, so appropriate action is needed.

If you have a mosquito problem at your home inside the Lufkin City Limits, the Lufkin Parks and Recreation Department is offering a free mosquito spraying service.

If you sign up you don't have to worry about anyone coming on your property at all. A technician will come by and spray from the street. They will be spraying approximately at dusk.

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The spraying will reduce the mosquito population in the area, but it won't permanently get rid of them. There are many proactive things you can do to prevent mosquitos from showing up.

  1. Cedar Mulch
  2. Treating Pools and Ponds
  3. Eliminate Standing Water
  4. Yellow LED lighting
  5. Planting Natural Deterrents
  6. Regularly Mowing Your Yard
  7. Outdoor Chemical Deterrents
Lufkin Parks And Recreation via Facebook
Lufkin Parks And Recreation via Facebook

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