Kids are already out of school and easing into their summer breaks. At some point, they are going to get tired of their internet capable devices, TV, and air conditioning. Send them out to play!

For some reason, kids in cities around East Texas just don't go outside and play as much as they used to. Turning your kids loose in our neighborhoods without direct supervision, sounds like a scary proposition in Lufkin or Nacogdoches. But let me assure you, when we were kids the risks were just as high.

Unstructured and unplanned outdoor activities are what kids are made to do. You have to test your limits when you are young and see what you can do. I know I had more than one  skinned elbow, skinned knee....things are going to happen to your children. But most of the activities are harmless, and hopefully fun and productive.

One or two neighborhood kids will connect, they'll work together entertaining themselves. Can they get into trouble? Sure the could, lots! But if you have done your job as a parent or guardian, they will be fine. Do you have a basketball goal in the driveway? Boom there is an hour right there.

Yes there is lots of danger in the outside world. But it's always been that way. But there is also something bigger at stake.  Like forming new social bonds, learning new skills, getting some exercise, and creating some childhood memories.  Find a way for your kid to get outside this summer!

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