I have a few pieces of cast iron just sitting in my garage. I stopped using them, and they have already started to rust in a few areas.

Looking online I was only able to find some national players in the cast iron restoration game. Sending off your grandmother's prized skillet to a faceless, out-of-state company could be a little scary.

Today I found Pineywoods Cast Iron Restoration thanks to the Free Sisters Diner in Huntington. Their brother Charlie does some really impressive work.

Restoring Your Cast Iron Doesn't Have To Be A DIY Project

Though there are plenty of guides online about ways to restore a cast iron piece yourself, you may have limited results with a very old item. How many cast iron pieces have you restored?

I've seasoned a few pans, but I've never taken a 50-year-old skillet and brought it back to its brand new condition. If it was an heirloom piece I would be much more comfortable sending it to someone that has successfully restored many items.

We all know someone that has put a prized pan in the dishwasher or left it out by the campfire in the rain. Cast iron skillets can last two lifetimes if cared for properly, and most of this type of damage can be reversed.

Don't Throw Away Your Old Cast Iron Items

Though cast iron is very resilient, if your pan has an uneven base, cracks, or holes it could be time to throw it away or just display it. Anything with less damage than that can most likely be restored.

Check out some of the before and after or the work that has been done.

Pineywoods Cast Iron Restoration

You can get your cast iron items professionally restored by this local East Texas Business. Call (936) 675-3033 or email aeasttexas@aol.com.

Pineywoods Cast Iron Restoration provides non-destructive restoration services here in the East Texas area. Prices depend on the size and condition of the cookware. Pieces are restored, seasoned, and ready for use or display upon being returned to the customer. They also sharpen knives at around $3.00 per knife.

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