Last week, we realized (a little late) that 2018 is the Year of the Dog according to the Chinese calendar. We decided we wanted to see some East Texas pups and old poocheroos so we called out to our neighbors. Send us pictures of those sweet furry family members and friends, and we'll feature our favorite each week for the rest of the year!

Without further ado, meet Max! Our very first dog of the week in the year of the dog!


We actually had a few entries and even another Max! We'll keep all the pictures, and a past entrant might end up as the dog of the week later on, so just because we didn't pick your dog, doesn't mean your special little guy or gal won't be shown off.

We just really like Max here, chillin' on the bed, and smiling for his picture. This guy is STAR material all the way.

It's still early, and we're accepting dog pictures at ALL TIMES, so if you want to show off your canine companion, click here for the original submission form, or simply drop a cute pic in the comments below.

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