So you're freaking out because the end of Summer is right around the corner and you've stayed cooped up indoors the entire season, right?

Or maybe all those events and activities your friends suggested to you cost a billion dollars just to looks at.

We've got our very first Scavenger Hunt starting on July 26th, and it's totally free to play along. Compete against your friends and family and earn enough points to be invited to our Listener Appreciation Party at Splash Kingdom on August 16th!

The scavenger hunt is a new feature on our app (which is also free). So be sure to download it today and become familiar with it before the hunt begins. You can get it on Andriod or IOS devices. Just click here to navigate to the download pages.

Once the scavenger hunt starts, you'll simply enter your email once, and you'll stay logged in on your mobile device.

We'll have challenges listed within the scavenger hunt. Here are a few examples of what you'll have to do to earn points;

  • Finding objects we've hidden throughout the towns in East Texas (Hudson, Pollok, Lufkin, Nac, Diboll) We'll give you hints as to where to start lookin'
  • Submitting specific photos (We may ask for a pic with a plate on your head or whatever...just be ready for something weird)
  • Finding hidden creatures (Don't worry...the creatures are digital and it will feel a little like Pokemon Go)
  • Making posts to social media
  • Entering secret code words that will be given on-air, online, and hidden in the real world.

We are amping up the fun by not only giving you the funnest contest of the summer, but we're also making the prize an invitation to be our guest at our upcoming Listener Appreciation Party at Splash Kingdom! Yeah, thanks to Head Pediatrics in Nac, we can give you two fun events basically.

Get the app, wait for the hunt to begin, score points, and then we party!


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