Those Canadians, my goodness they come up with some of the strangest things. Check out this kickstarter campaign for the THAKA! This is taking the basic hand warmer to a new level. First of all your phone works best at 32 to 95° F. Ever been out in the freezing cold, and your phone just doesn't want to work? Now you know why. Keeping your phone in your pocket the whole day is lame. Can't keep up with your peeps and send your tweets like that. Enter Tahka.

Now you can keep your phone and your hands warm at the same time!

The Tahka has been developing for many months now. Stay warm without giving up your phone, Canadian style...A!   I thought this was pretty cool, till I saw how big it is.  This thing is pretty massive.  Plus the necklace strap, is a bit much.  But I think the concept is pretty on point.  Want one for yourself, you can see their kick starter campaign here buddy.  If you spent anytime at all outside this morning you really want one of these guy!