We all have those days every once in a while, when it seems like a failure.

It was career day at Emma Kelly's school and Kellie Rasberry was invited to be a presenter to speak to the kids about the world of radio and what its like to be a nationally syndicated air personality for a lot of radio stations. Things didn't get off to a good start, because Kellie was, how do we say this lightly, basically ignored by all the kids going through career day.

It was a new format for the school this year, but there is one other big reason why Kellie was overlooked. Find out in today's best of video segment plus we find out if Kellie found Emma Kelly's birthday card that her granddad, Jerry Rasberry, wanted to give to Emma Kelly to open up on her 13th birthday. He mailed the card on her first birthday, but does Kellie still have it and if so, what does it say.

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