Even during our pandemic quarantined lives, we still have first world problems.

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KiddNation is full of members that are being faced with some interesting situations. We live in a nation that is blessed with so much, much more than some other nations and some of us are a bit more 'privileged' than others. Having so much stuff and so much technology can lead to some interesting issues that others of us who aren't so blessed to have these things have never thought about.

The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show opened the phone lines to take calls from members that were having issues even during times of a global pandemic. One member called in to talk about her new professional wardrobe. Someone got fired for being too scary in a haunted house. Another member complains about connecting your phone to the car via Bluetooth, while another has mask issues and braces and then there's someone complaining about losing an iPhone X and replacing it with an iPhone 11 and then finding the X and having to decide which to use now. That's just a few of the first world problems that KiddNation talks about in the following best of clip.

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