Lindsay Lohan pleads not guilty to felony theft charge! I wonder if we are going to see her back in one of these orange jumpsuit numbers.  She must think they don't go with red hair, because before she goes to court it's always blond.

Lindsay Lohan pleaded not guilty Wednesday to felony grand theft of a $2,500 necklace — a case that could return the troubled starlet to jail rather than the big screen.

She entered the plea through her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley after a judge scolded her about following the law.

“Look around this room,” Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz told Lohan. “Everybody else has to follow the law. You’re no different than anyone else. So please, don’t push your luck.”

via Yahoo! News.

Lindsay behave! I wonder what it will be next? You never know with Lohan. I will say that I think it’s so funny how the judge told her she has to follow the law just like everyone else, not to push her luck!