Live-work situations have fallen out of vogue, but seem to be making a comeback. Living in the back of your business was a big part of how small business owners of the 1900's kept overhead down.

Finding a home that could also be a great place for your business is exceedingly rare these days. I found this building in downtown Nacogdoches that could be just what some local entrepreneur really needs.

It is a possible live-work situation that might be perfect for any startup that wants to keep living costs down at the same time. There is so much possibility for this charming property located on a quaint, brick street.

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The La Merle K. Hunt Building Is For Sale In Downtown Nacogdoches,Texas

This building, like so many older buildings in downtown Nacogdoches, has been many things over the years. The La Merle K. Hunt building at 122 North Church Street was most recently the Church Street Art Gallery.

The current owner has the space already set up as an art gallery and a residence. The flat-top roofed building was constructed in 1958.

It has also been a beauty shop and a barbershop in the past as well. Though the building was built over 60 years ago, it's technically of newer construction compared to many buildings in the area.

Live Where You Work In Downtown Nacogdoches, Texas

The residence in the back includes two bedrooms and two full bathrooms. There is also a living room and a full kitchen with a walk-in pantry.

You could even turn the office into a third bedroom if you don't need it to work. There is a large laundry room and the art gallery is in the front.

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Outside there is a four-car carport, a parking lot, and a storage room. There is even a hot tub out there. Take a look at all this property has to offer priced at $525,000.

Live Where You Work In Downtown Nacogdoches, Texas

This business location for sale in downtown Nacogdoches also includes a full living area inside.

Old Godtel Building For Sale In Nacogdoches

The structure has been many things over the years, and now someone will hopefully turn it into something new.

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