The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show's resident love expert, Kellie Rasberry, was is in and dishing out some relationship and love advice this morning.

In this episode a dude had to temporarily move back into his parents home for a while and now his girlfriend has moved in with him but now the girlfriend doesn't want to do 'laundry' out of respect that she's living in his parents house. The girlfriend feels that her love life is being put on the back burner and needs some advice on how to handle the situation.

Another KiddNation member writes in to get some advice on how to handle a situation that has an ex insisting that a baby is his and not the soon to be ex-husbands. What a situation, but Kellie handles it and gives her some great advice.

If you need some advice about your love life or relationship you can ask Kellie for some advice. Tell her about your situation here and she could be answering your 'Love Letter To Kellie'.

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