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Love Letters To Kellie isn't always about romantic relationships.

In today's episode Kellie is faced with having to help a member of KiddNation who has developed feelings for her ex-boyfriends friend. She is still on good terms with her ex-boyfriend, but doesn't know how to navigate the waters with these new feelings. Another member is ready to return to the dating world after leaving behind a six year abusive marriage. However, she's only seeming to find dates that want to go on dates in their home or her home and not go out in public. She's wondering is this all that guys are willing to offer these days and do they not go on dates outside of their house.

Kellie gives some advice to a sibling pair who feels like their parents are withholding family health information from them. Being adult kids they have notice some things happening with family members, important things like early deaths and other health concerns that the parents saw coming. They're wondering how to approach their parents and tell them they have to share this information with their adult children.

If you ever have an issue with your relationship and looking for some advice, you can always turn to The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show's resident 'Love Expert' and write your own 'Love Letter To Kellie'.

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