Gamer's Hollow in Lufkin is a gaming store that specializes in card games and board gaming, so when they announced they were having a Video Game event, it was pretty exciting.

Their Facebook Page has the details, but apparently on Saturday, February 18th, Gamer's Hollow is changing up their routine a bit.

They'll be hosting East Texas Video Gamers' Trade Day Hangout from 5 pm to 8 pm and everyone is invited to come, play, and talk about all things 'video games.'

The shop will have TVs and consoles set up for free play. This is the first time Gamer's Hollow has done something like this, so it's encouraged for everyone to swing by and check it out.

Friends playing video game
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Gamer's Hollow is located at 1506 S. First Street in Lufkin, which is across from Taco Casa.

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