This might not be the least expensive property in Lufkin, but the age and the location makes it so unique. There aren't a lot of historic homes that you could live in that only cost 60 grand. This one is at 302 Magnolia St. near downtown.

I'm always looking at houses. Something about this one just caught my eye. This house from the 20's is just steps away from the train. I'm sure when a locomotive comes though, it shakes the entire house. I think that is just one of the quirky things about this home. It's got this front awing on it that makes me think it might have been a church at one point.

I'm trying to put all the pictures together in my mind to figure if it has 2 or 3 of these bay walls. I see for sure 2. That might just be how all houses looked at the time, but I was really interested to see these before and after pictures from a recent remodel.

You can see how it looks today on Zillow and the listing there. Then you can see a picture here that I found on google street view from just a few years ago. It recently has all new electric, and lots of little things have been updated and fixed.

This is a decent sized corner lot, and I am sure back in the day, this was a very nice place to live. There are Victorian touches and woodwork all over the front and the most doors I have ever seen on a house, plus the possibility for even more doors.

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