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In a post on their official Facebook page Manhattan Fine Dining owner, Destin, has announced that he has sold the restaurant. He is planning on retiring and is going to miss us all, but not as much as we will miss him.

I had the pleasure of working for Destin a lifetime ago as a DJ in one of his restaurants. I might be misremembering most of our time together, but what I do recall was very interesting.

He always treated me so well, even years later when I would visit Manhattan. I always felt special. Now I know everyone felt the same way. There is already a great outpouring of love and support from all of his customers.

What Will Become Of Manhattan Fine Dining Now? 

Of course, we all wish Destin well and everyone deserves to retire and relax. He spent the past 28 years bringing a bit of class to Lufkin.

The one thing we all want to know was not answered in the Facebook post.

    • Who bought Manhattan?
    • What will it become under new ownership?
    • Can I still ride in the elevator?

I was most recently there for Mother's Day. Sad to think that this will be the last year for that tradition with my mother.

For all things, there is a season. This is a chapter, no matter what restaurant or owner comes in, that is closed for good.

Manhattan just won't be the same after this. Destin put so much of himself into the restaurant.

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