I'm not going to lie, I've fully wasted my summer. It's tough because I'm an adult, and it's not like I even have the time off. Many of my friends have updated their Instagrams and Facebooks with pics of beaches, exotic locations, and celebrity run-ins.

We've been pushing the K-Fox 95.5 mobile app, telling you that you'll get some swag or a contest entry for showing us you've downloaded it. Lufkinites & Nacogdochians (Nacodites?) have been led to walk up to me at different hot spots, and it's been a nice way to become closer together as a community. Never-mind my daily blog and interacting with me during my show, but the app has recently added a fun new feature.

With our Listener Appreciation Party coming up, we decided this would be the best time to introduce our new interactive scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt feature blends digital gaming, trivia, challenges along with real life engagement. We basically want to know who wants to party with us the most.


Part of the scavenger hunt will be to capture and destroy some creatures that have been roaming East Texas. In the same spirit of games like "Pokemon Go" we've set our apps up to put an end to some pretty pesky critters.

Head Pediatrics helped us put together the equipment, so we agreed to help them squash some germs. We can help keep the kids safe if these germs are captured, and we'll need your help to bust them all.

Whoever catches the most of these critters will end up being our guests at our Splash Kingdom Listener Appreciation Party. Here are some profiles of some of the germ ghouls and bacteria beasts that you can catch in order to earn mega points.

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