If you are driving in and around Nacogdoches take special care that you are observing posted speed limits. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, some people haven't really been driving much. Others drove everyday, and were really liking having the road to themselves. I've seen more aggressive driving in the past few weeks than I have seen in an entire year of driving around East Texas.

Police have been taking a hands off approach, and if you aren't doing something crazy, they have been letting it go. Now they are adjusting to the new normal.

Construction continues on what will one day be I69. Citizens and police officers have noted that leaving and coming into town on HWY 59/South Street has become unsafe due to the speed of vehicles in the area.

The Nacogdoches Police Department traffic unit will resume it's weekly Focused Traffic Enforcement. These events were suspended due to COVID-19 concerns and to ensure the safety of our citizens and officers. With more traffic on our roadways and increased speeding violations occurring city wide we will be putting additional police resources on North St, South St, and University Dr to slow traffic down.

So take it easy out there in town or on the future I69 route. Let the people not obeying the speed limit get the tickets, and don't join them. There have been accidents in the area, and this is an effort increase the safety of everyone driving in Nacogdoches.

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