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Update: Roma's opened their doors on Monday, October 16, 2023, at 11 AM for the first time.

It has been a year since I first posted about Roma's Italian Kitchen coming to downtown Nacogdoches. Since then a huge remodel of the building at 124 East Main in Nacogdoches, Texas has been completed.

Crisp Construction Inc. made their last update on Facebook about their part in the building renovations on January 23 documenting a light installation above the front door. Now we see there are signs out front and people are getting excited.

Roma's Italian Kitchen Is Coming To Downtown Nacogdoches

There are a lot of clues that the local favorite restaurant chain's newest location will open in just a few days. In some of the new photos of the building, there is a notice on the front door letting us know about the application for their liquor license.

The sign is right next to the historical marker that lets you know that the building was formerly the Wettermark State Bank.

The two-story building was built 126 years ago and has been many things over the years: Madeline's Country Corner, a barber shop, a cobbler shop, and a Western Union Telegraph office.

Historic Downtown Nacogdoches Building Gets Second Life As A Restaurant

Soon it will start its second, and completely renovated, life as an Italian Restaurant. Everyone is ready to have dinner in their beautiful outdoor dining area.

It's perfect weather for outside dining, and they will be open soon enough for everyone to still enjoy it before Texas East turns too cold. Take a look at the renovations below.

Roma's Italian Kitchen In Downtown Nacogdoches

The renovation was almost a year in the making. See the outside of the newest restaurant in Nacogdoches.

Gallery Credit: Dan Patrick

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