Tia Juanita's is now open to the public and owner Ricky Martinez is ready for a big opening day. Many people in East Texas have already had a taste of the amazing food they will be serving. They have been doing previews, for select customers for the last few days.There was live music, and it was a great to get an idea of things to come.

They also have other locations that you might have been too before but this is the one in Lufkin is right where the old Barnhill's or Posadoe's was. If you are craving Tex-Mex, Posadoe's still has a location in Nacogodches.

The one thing about Tia Jaunitas that stands out is the food concept. You may have never heard of it. This is Mexican Cajun fusion, something many of us have never tried. With all that is going on in the nation with viruses and unrest, this will be a time to try something new, and join together while doing our best not to get sick.

The Lufkin location looks amazing. It was a massive undertaking and will be an another noteworthy place eat in Lufkin. They will adhere to all standards set down by the Texas Government and of course local health department. You can't really find a cleaner place to eat than a completely remodeled new restaurant. We have been following this story for a long time, and you can click the other stories below for more details.

Tia Juanita's Opening Soon



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