Nobody likes to see businesses close down. Even competitors generally benefit from competition. That's just how the system works. That's why it's rough when we see business put out signs that say things like, "Store Closing", or "Going Out of Business". Or, for one Deep East Texas store, the sign is, "Store Closing Forever".

Yes, the Ashley Furniture Homestore in the town of Hemphill put out that very sign in front of their store, and several local residents have posted about it on social media. One person posted this picture on Facebook:

Photo Credit: Pennie Ferguson

For the town of Hemphill, this is a pretty big deal. It's probably as big of a deal as when Ashley Homestore took over Beall's Furniture - which is what the store was for quite a long time. Some people - like me - remember when this transition took place. But, the difference then was that the store never closed. It just changed companies.

Now, the question becomes: What's next for this location? As you can see from the Google Map image below, the building is a pretty decent size. Check it out:

Google Maps

With that size building, it opens up a wide range of options for things to move in there. It won't be the same, no. But, it still brings the curiosity of "what's next" into the equation. We'll keep an eye on it, just so that we can find out.

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