Have you ever had a Muscadine? If not, it may just be the best grape that you have never tasted.

They have a thick skin, yet melt in your mouth and you can just spit out the seed. There is a bumper crop this year at the SFA Gardens, and they are offering you a chance to get in on the bounty.

Eating Muscadines that you picked right off the vine really gives you an appreciation for this succulent fruit. You can come pick your own on Saturday, September 3rd, 2022 at Jimmy Hinds Park located on Austin Street.

There Is An Outrageous Crop Of Muscadines In Nacogdoches

The Pick Your Own Muscadine Adventure starts Saturday at 9 am, and you can park just to the west of the plots at the IT House. The event is run by Jordan Cunningham and the SFA Gardens volunteers.

Most of the varieties that they have are loaded and sweet. They have bronze, black, and green varieties to choose from.

They will provide you with a bucket, and you can fill it for just $10. Just think of all the jelly you could make.

What Can You Use Muscadine Grapes For?

Anything that you can make out of grapes, or almost any fruit really, you can make out of Muscadine Grapes. Muscadines are native to North America and were the first native grape species to be cultivated in North America.

Muscadine grape history is deeply steeped in this region. You can dry them like raisins and make blue dye out of them as Native Americans did for centuries.

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Most people here use them to make delicious pies, jellies, and the all-time pinnacle of high society in Deep East Texas, Muscadine wine. Go grab a basket and get to picking.

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