Anyone following along with us knows we have a few East Texas families going on the Kidd's Kids trip. I went to Houston to make sure they had a good sendoff.

The families of Tia’Ahlee Maxie, Brooklyn Oliver, and Honor Tinsley have now departed for Florida!

I brought them autograph books and special pens so they can get the signatures of any famous mice, ducks, and goofy dogs they may run into on their trip. Everyone was very excited to be heading toward the happiest place on Earth, and the kids couldn't stop thanking everyone for the opportunity just to be there.

Brooklyn's mom sent us this picture as they wear circling over Florida. We couldn't be happier for them.



Needless to say, all the kids and families getting to go on this trip are amazing and absolutely deserving of worry-free vacation. We just have a special place in our hearts for our East Texas friends getting to go.

We also want to thank all of you, the people that came out and donated to Kidd's Kids, or did so online or via text. However you decided to give, it is going to such a beautiful cause. You made this happen, and should feel proud.


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