There could be a disruption in gas supply, caused by the oil fields shutting down due to Hurricane Laura. Luckily I thought that could be a possibility yesterday, so I filled up the cars. Experts say that yes, you should fill up your car.

The issue is all those empty tanks getting topped off all at once. So the act of filling up your car might actually cause a more localized shortage. I just drove back to the station and I have seen tons of cars at the pumps.

Those of us that remember Hurricane Rita, Ike and others, know there was always a gas rush. Deep East Texas is going full steam right now into the gas glut maneuver, This is where locals put all the gas in their cars, and stay at home with it. People evacuating trying to continue flowing out of our area can't get gas.

I filled up, so I kinda feel bad, but I was empty and the light was on. Strolled up, socially distant and all alone to fill my tank. That was yesterday. Today cars are circling the pump like vultures and its taking about 30 min to an hour to get a pump.

Productivity at local business has likely suffered. There are some people that can't get off work to go fill up. Those people that will be filling up tonight. By Wednesday morning there could be no gas, stranding travelers trying to evacuate.

My advise is to wake up very early this morning and get gas. What, you can't time travel? There really is no good answer as to when to do this. I don't think filling up cars that haven't moved much since Covid hit, should be full of gas.

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