The Angelina County Sheriff's Office picked up just two roads worth of trash on November 3rd, 2020. They picked it up on Allentown Loop and Kirkland. They got 40 bags of trash. 3 tires, and 2 large brake rotors, for a total of 460lbs of garbage. I can't even fathom this.

When did "Don't Mess With Texas" fall out of favor in our area. I have seen a few things recently that has really got me wondering where all this trash is coming from. I saw crews earlier this week picking up a bag of trash every 100 feet on the loop in Lufkin. Much more than I would think could 'accidentally' fall out of the back of a pick up bed.

I see a worker from the City of Lufkin at the corner of South First Street and Raguet at least once a week, walking all around the area getting bag after bag. What has changed, what is different?

There are so many opportunities with the City of Lufkin where they have free waste collections. These are open to anyone in the area, I don't think they are checking ID to make sure you live here. There is no excuse for all this illegal dumping.

I never see anyone throwing trash out of a moving car. They must be getting pretty slick about it, or waiting till after dark. If you are throwing out trash on our roads, thinking everyone does it, they aren't. I'm not, so just keep your trash in the car a few miles longer, and get it to the house. What others do, and what you have done in the past doesn't matter.

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Traffic Accident Loop 287 Lufkin

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