They made the movie right here in Nacogdoches back in 2012 on location at SFA and a local farm. There will be a free public screening of The Rise Of The Robots Wednesday November 20, 2013 at 7:30 pm at the SFASU Student Center's Movie Theater.  After the movie there will be a question and answer session about the film with the director and writer, Herbert Midgley.  After seeing the trailer, I think I might have a few questions for him myself.

Midgley had this to say about making the movie here locally - "East Texas and Nacogdoches is a great place to shoot a feature film. All of the people were so friendly and went out of their way to help us shoot this science fiction film."

In the film they  fight to save the world from the rise of the robots, due to all of the technology everywhere! Two college students, one professor and a county local, face a world taken over by robots. This film is full of Robots, UFO's, special effects and should be interesting to say the least!