When you do a deep dive to determine if something you want to own is completely legal, you might end up on the Texas Penal Code site. There you will find pages and pages of what can be hard to read and harder to understand legalese.

Texas is an extremely lenient state for almost all weapons. The Lone Star State has some of the least restrictive gun control laws in the U.S.

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Don't let that leniency fool you; there are some weapons that you can't possess in Texas. You might even have some of them in your possession right now.

Texas Really Doesn't Want You To Deflate Tires

When reading the list of banned weapons, it became apparent that they do not want you to deflate tires in Texas. I'm not talking about devices you use to deflate your tires for offroading.

Law enforcement uses tire deflation devices known as "tire spikes" or "stop sticks" to disable vehicles running from the law. This is one type of weapon that they really don't want the general public to own.

I have seen many police videos of these being deployed, and if you will notice, they pull them away really fast. That's because the police cars chasing the suspects, also have no defense against these devices.

If you were being chased and deployed a tire deflation system yourself, like James Bond in Goldfinger, you would get another felony for owning the device.

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Take a look and see what other weapons are prohibited in Texas.

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