Texans don't quit going to the beach just because it gets a little chilly.  And since we're this far south, we've got some great beaches with year-round activities that are just a short drive away.  The winter road trip will be on, and now is the time to plan it.  

If you've got an enormous travel and vacation budget, then plane tickets, baggage fees, and pricey resorts a thousand miles away are probably no object for you.  That's great and all, but for those of us looking to save a little money on good getaways, Texas beaches are a fantastic idea, especially during the winter because it's not peak season and good deals are usually easier to find.  Since these beaches are so close (compared to the coast of Florida or California or Hawaii), we can just hop in the car, and save the airfare for another time.

Tripsavvy.com shares four ideas for winter beach getaways in Texas.

Galveston - Over 350,000 attend Mardi Gras each year in Galveston for the 5k, the musical headliners, and the beads, but if you can't wait until February Galveston seems to be a good choice for a beach getaway any ole weekend.   There's plenty of shopping, and Moody Gardens will kick off its Iceland Rainforest Holiday November 11th.  The festival of lights, ice skating, and train rides will be open and running through January 7th.

Corpus Christi - There's 70 miles of good coastline to work on your tan on the 70 or 80 degree days in December and January when the rest of the country is in the deep freeze.  You can head inside to watch the dolphins at the Texas State Aquarium, or check out the USS Lexington's flight simulator and the virtual battlefields.

South Padre - This spot is probably the very reason birds fly south for the winter.  At the South Padre Birding and Nature Center, migratory birds get all the focus.  They're in the spotlight and they know it.  Budding bird watchers will get to see the birds up close, and learn about why they love Texas more than North Dakota this time of year.  Don't we all.  Oh, and there's windsurfing!  Work on this sport during the winter and you'll be all set to show off your skills next summer.

Port Aransas - It's a little north of Corpus Christi, and has a ferry ride, lots of shopping, a kayak tour, and more surfing. And golf too, so take your clubs.  This may be one of the best Texas spots for adventure-seekers, since it has parasailing and skydiving to go along with chillin', and just sittin' on the beach.

It's not 90 degrees on these Texas beaches through the winter, but it does stay pretty mild in most of the locations and gives us a chance to keep the outdoor fun going after the fall.

While others are spending big bucks on ski vacations and all of that expensive equipment, you'll be soaking up winter watching dolphins and kayaking on the Texas Coast.

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