What do you get for a Texas guy who already has all the guns and the best toys? You get him something he doesn't have yet, a flame-throwing robot dog.

A somewhat autonomous robot dog with the ability to shoot flames over 30 feet through the air; that can't be legal, can it? Owning a flamethrowing robot dog in Texas is completely legal.

Put the two together and you have a clout recipe for anyone trying to be the badest guy at the hunting lodge. This "toy" could also have some practical uses to combat fire with fire.

The Thermonator Flamethrower Wielding Dog Is On Backorder

The "Thermonator" made by Throwflame, is a working model of one possible future of fire prevention. If you burn all the brush in an area, you are technically fireproofing it.

The controllable robot dog is also great at using its flamethrower for other mundane activities like snow and ice removal. Most will be excited by the novelty of the robot and its pure entertainment value.

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For a tad less than $10,000 the Thermonator could be all yours. Recent press about this first-of-its-kind invention has put the quadruped robot dog on backorder, so there will be a bit of a wait.

Get Fired Up With ARC Flamethrowers From Throwflame

You can also buy an ARC Flamethrower without the robot dog, They are also sadly on backorder.

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The price is more believable at $700-$900. You can even mount it to your gun.

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