Get ready, because pretty soon the young kids in your life will start telling you what they want for Christmas (if they haven't already)!

I have a 9-year old who has already begun making the annual list and it is getting bigger by the day.

"I want a Nintendo Switch, and then a new dollhouse that is bigger than the one we just threw away, and also, I want to move into a house on Christmas," my child recently informed me.

Great, Santa, just great! You have been putting these LOFTY dreams and wishes in my dear child's head all these years, even though I have cautioned her every single year that Santa Claus is not real (or so I've been told. (Hey parents, I just added in that last part for any kids reading this who still believe in a jolly big man coming through your chimney at night on Christmas Day. I don't want them getting mad at ME for spoiling anything!)

I have told Willow that there is such a thing as "Mommy Claus" and that Mommy Clause is actually ME. Willow says that Mommy Claus doesn't bring her good gifts so the plan is to be sticking with Santa.


Well, I don't know how in the world Santa Man-Man is going to be able to afford all of the things my kid keeps adding to the list, but maybe the Stimulus Check Elves will come thru for a mama this year.

Here are the top 5 toys my kid, Willow, says all children will be asking Mommy and Daddy Clauses for this Christmas.

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