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  • Churro Dipped Cones Are Here
  • The Oldest Dairy Queen In Texas
  • Texas has more DQs than any other state
  • Dairy Queen In Texas has exclusive menu items

If you are a churroholic then you have no doubt heard that Dairy Queen has a new Churro Dipped Cone. They tried it out in some test markets in the past, and it must have gone well because now they are at all participating DQ restaurants.

They started rolling out this flavor in the middle of February, and now it has really taken off. DQ starts with a regular cone, and then they hit it with the soft serve in kids, small, medium, and large sizes.

Then they dip it in their churro-flavored cone coating and sprinkle it with cinnamon and sugar. They have to be quick and sprinkle it before that shell magically hardens.

Try The New Churro Dipped Cone At Your Local Texas Dairy Queen

Though DQ was not started in Texas, they got here as soon as they could, like many transplants. Texas has more DQs than any other state, and the oldest Dairy Queen is in Henderson, Texas.

They have been serving dipped cones since 1950, according to the HoustonPress. Their statewide marketing campaign is stuck in our heads for eternity "D-Q that's what I like about TEXAS!"

Texas Dairy Queen Fans Still Miss The Butterscotch Dipped Cones

Dipped cone flavors have come and gone over the years, and many patrons still miss the butterscotch cone that was discontinued in 2009 and then briefly brought back 12 years later. It is now gone for good.

One day I am sure the Churro Dipped Cone will fall out of fashion and will fade away. Luckily we can always depend on the classic chocolate-dipped cone from DQ.

Take a look at these people showing love for the new Churro-dipped cone from Dairy Queen.



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