With the lion share of us growing up in close-knit loving families, one can only imagine your reaction at the headline above. I'm sure your head was cocked to the side like a puppy staring at a pocket watch.

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The Harrison County Sheriff's Department took to social media this past Monday with details about a family disturbance they had responded to which was only 16 miles from downtown Houston.

How Did Something This Wild Ever Get Started?

From what we've gathered from the Sheriff's post, it appears that this wild, family knife fight began when an adult male come home intoxicated and armed with a pistol. He got into a verbal argument with his sister and was disarmed, while Mom and Dad tried to break things up.

Allegedly the parents' intervention then got heated into physical violence and everybody in the family then armed themselves with knives and ultimately all four sustained non-life threatening injuries from the various assaults.

Only One Family Member Was Arrested

Can you imagine playing a heated game of Uno with this family? Guess they take the term "last man standing wins" to a whole new level

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