Lots of questions have been raised about trick-or-treating this year. "Will it be safe?" "Is anyone trick-or-treating this year?" "Has the CDC approved it?" Those are just a few of the questions that have been asked. People are also getting creative about how to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters, like setting up little conveyor belts and other contraptions that will drop off the candy to them. They don't even have to walk up to the door.

There's actually a nationwide chain that is participating in trick-or-treating this year. And, both locations in our area are participating!

Lowe's will have stores across the nation that will be holding curbside trick-or-treating events on two different dates this month. You have to register to participate though. Here's how it works:

You go onto the Lowe's website and you choose which date works better for you (October 22nd or October 29th). Then, once you're registered, you go by the store on your chosen date, and pick up the free candy and pumpkin - yes, you get a free pumpkin, too!

And that's it!

Registration opens up on October 10th. They also mention that space is limited, so if you want to get a spot, you're encouraged to register early. For more information, and to get registered, you can go onto the Lowe's website here. And, like I said, both locations in our area are participating - Nacogdoches AND Lufkin.

I don't know about you, but I think is a pretty cool thing to host, especially on a nationwide scale. Well done, Lowe's! And, Happy Halloween!

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