Native Texans who attended school in the Lone Star State inevitably took Texas history. If you move to Texas or live in Texas you should know at least a little about its past.

Currently, Texas history is only taught in fourth and seventh grades. In April of 2022, the Texas State Board of Education voted to increase this instruction to most grade levels before entering high school.

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According to the TEA (Texas Education Agency), the State Board of Education gave final approval to the proposal on November 18, 2022. Its revisions to the social studies (TEKS) Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills would have put more Texas history in classrooms.

Did Proposed Revisions To Put More Texas History In Classes Happen?

Looking at the current TEKS that will be revised and taught in schools for the 2024-2025 school year, there is no mention of the proposed change in Texas history. The proposals the media was reporting on in 2022, were just that, proposals.

I can find no evidence that there will be any changes to the amount of Texas history taught in our schools. I did see a refreshing amount of new social studies in economics, cybersecurity, and personal finance that will start in high school.

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That leaves your child's knowledge of Texas history, above and beyond what is currently taught, up to you. Take this quiz to see if you need more schooling about Texas symbols and history before you teach your little Texan more about our amazing state.

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