• Porchlight color meanings range from personal feelings on key issues to bug prevention.
  • If you support a cause, there is a colored light bulb for you.
  • Have you seen these colors in your neighborhood?

Every year at Christmas I change out all the flood lights around my house to blue lights. I like the warm blue glow, instead of the traditional red, green, and white.

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Little did I know when making that choice that I was also telling the entire block that I support local police and law enforcement. Just because you see a certain porch light color, you still should take into account the time of year.


What Does An Orange Porchlight Mean In Texas?

If you see an orange blub glowing on a porch it doesn't mean anything. It's likely October and someone is using it as a decoration, or they could be a Texas Longhorns fan.


Same for yellow bulbs that are used when you want light to see to get into the house, but don't want a ton of bugs around your door.


Driving around the block I found that one of my neighbors had very bright green lights on both sides of his garage. Green lights could be for Christmas or St. Patrick's Day.

He has had these green lights on his front porch for years, so I am fairly certain he has done that to say that he supports veterans and the military. See if you know all the meanings of these colors.

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