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  • This standard is now in effect across the board for all types of lights, even tiny nightlights and Christmas lights.
  • Lights in your home are now being regulated in Texas to help lower your energy bills and conserve energy.
  • Retailers have stopped selling the now-banned bulbs over a decade after the first law was passed in the U.S.
House Decorated with Christmas Lights
Nicole S. Young

The lights at night are big and bright (clapping ensues) deep in the heart of Texas...if you are using the correct bulbs. A recent ban has taken effect that you might not have noticed until it was time to decorate for the holidays

Decorative christmas lights for a back yard party

I got my Christmas lights up on the house this weekend, a little later than I had originally hoped, but they are up. I purchased the current set of lights for my house in 2019 and I went with a multicolor LED.

A small-town Christmas display centered around the village gazebo

Little did I know at the time, that my previous set of lights would be the end of an era. Starting on August 1, 2023, you could no longer buy incandescent lightbulbs at the store.

U.S. Federal Government Ban On Incandescent Lightbulbs Effects In Texas

According to ABC News, a ban on incandescent lights of all kinds is now in effect after years of deliberation on the matter. Though most consumers had already made the switch to LED lights, it is now law.

Christmas lights

To get rid of the old heat-producing, energy-wasting bulbs they came up with a new standard for lighting that only LED lights can meet. Lightbulbs are now required to produce 45 lumens per watt.

If you like the warm glow of a special holiday incandescent light, you might soon be out of luck and have to purchase an LED replacement. We can continue to possess and use any incandescent bulbs we have, but soon the lights will burn out on this type of Texas illumination.

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