The story of Rainey, an abused dog from Houston, has gone international. Rainey was turned into the Houston city pound "with a severely rotted right rear leg that  appeared to have fallen off to leave a bony stump. In addition, shocked investigators found the  little dog was malnourished and her left paw reduced to exposed bones that  eventually had to be amputated after a foul odor began emanating from the wound." The abuser turned out to be Rosa Martinez, a private school principal in Houston.

Martinez has been arrested and charged with two counts of animal abuse (there were two other dogs who had also been neglected) that could result in up to two years in jail. You can get updates on Rainey through the Red Collar Rescue Facebook page. She's doing much better now thanks to RCR, who has been helping her since she was dumped at the pound, and has a bright future ahead of her.

If you'd like to help Red Collar Rescue, you can participate in the Charitabull event being held at Bullritos on Saturday. Bring in the flyer and 20% of your transaction will go to RCR on behalf of Sigma Kappa Omega.
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