Hijinx Trampoline Park in between Lufkin and Hudson is no longer just for fun.

According to this recent Facebook post, they are allowing people to sign up for some sort of fitness course. They've got some of their employees certified to give the classes, they've tested out the exercise regiment, and Monday, May 15th will be their first official class day.

The price to attend the classes seem to be on par with other gym memberships or fitness centers, but obviously Hijinx will incorporate way more trampolines. I can't technically say that's more fun, but you get the idea.


The first class will start as early as 5:45 AM and run about 45 minutes long. The second class starts at 8:30 AM with no afternoon or evening classes due to the fact that they are normally busy during those times and won't have adequate room to hold the fitness class.

This could be worth checking out if you don't like the traditional gym setting. Check out their website and give them, a call to sign up for your first class today.

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