The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show cast members put forth their best in order to win the rights to the coveted Taylor Swift Christmas card.

Taylor Swift's Christmas card arrived at the studios, but there was only one and it was addressed to executive producer, White Cheddar. He knew that producer Nick and Ana were huge fans of Taylor's and offered it up to the winner of a friendly competition.

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So anyone on the staff of the show - on air, behind the scenes, in the office or working from home - had a chance to win possession of the card, but they had to create a Christmas song set to a Taylor Swift instrumental. Apparently there was a lot of interest in winning the rights to possess this card because the following entered the competition:

  • Ana
  • Producer Nick
  • Big Al Mack
  • Amy
  • Part Time Justin
  • Kellie
  • Lacey
  • Nick
  • Russ

You can catch their very creative parody Christmas songs below and even see the videos that a couple of the cast members created too!

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