Its officially that time of the year again, HOUSTON RODEO TIME! I’m from Dallas so I’ve never understood the hype of the rodeo. I am usually more interested in the Texas State Fair but apparently the state fair and the rodeo have a lot in common. Who knew?

Anyway, here’s what you shouldn’t miss out on if you have plans to go down to Houston between March 3-22, 2020

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    I am a food enthusiast. I love food, I always open to trying new thing, so when I was talking to my friend Braulio about the fair and he started mentioning all the options my mouth instantly watered. You can’t go wrong with a turkey leg and a side of barbecue sauce, or a staple funnel cake with powdered sugar. Wow, even as I write this my mouth waters.

    One of the things that did shock me was the Hot Cheetos Cotton Candy, what do y'all think about that? I haven’t tried it myself, but I’ll be going to the rodeo mid-March so definitely something I might spontaneously try.

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    Now huge disclaimer here, admission into these shows may get expensive according to a friend. But there’s definitely something for everyone, even the kids. I have a friend her name is Keenan and her little brother participated in the “Mutton-Bustin” and that for sure was a sight to see. There’s also:

    • Live Rodeo Shows
    • Livestock Shows
    • Rig Races
    • Horse Races
    • Dog Shows
    • Car Shows
    • Bull Rides, Horse Rides and Sheep Rides
  • Alexey&Svetlana Novikov
    Alexey&Svetlana Novikov


    According to my friend Braulio a rodeo concert is an “experience, a special moment”. Its apparently very euphoric, granted I can highly vouch for that and say I agree. The reason behind why I booked a flight to New York just to go to a concert.
    There’s artists of all genres and I’d highly recommend going to the Khalid concert happening March 18th.

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    There’s so much to do. From riding the rodeo rides, to playing those fair games and winning stuffed animals. But then there’s my personal favorite which is bringing my camera and taking pictures. Fairs always have gorgeous colorful backdrops and I specialize in night photography, so of course it’s one of my favorite things to do.

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