The KFox Kash Kode is back starting this Thursday at 10am. After you try to Beat the Bank with the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, there are more chances to get that paper. Get the codes with Karah Leigh at 10am, and from me...Dan Patrick at 2pm and 5pm weekdays until Friday September 27th at 5pm.

There is a chance at up to $5000 three times daily, just for getting the word and putting it here on the app in the VIP or on our site. Every code is worth at least $500, so no matter what, if you win, you are gonna be pumped. Listen when Karah gives out the first code of the day at 10am and Dan Patrick at 2pm and 5pm. Enter all 3 codes daily for your best chance to win.

Win Cash With the KFox Cash Code here on KFox with Ferrara's Heating and Air Conditioning.  “Serving East Texas for over 35 years. Ferraras, an Independent Trane Dealer… It’s Hard to Stop a Trane”. Download the KFox 955 App now to get ready to play.

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